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The Most Innovative Pay Plan You will Ever See

Earn from the Retail Cost...No BV or Points to Track.

When a Product Moves ANYWHERE In Your Matrix, You Earn as if You Sold It. This is True Profit Sharing.

        5x5 Forced Matrix Creating a Massive Team Concept.

$50 Bonus on all Personal Enrollees. 
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Real Products

Real products designed for the everyday lifestyle. Men's, Women's, Performance, Wellness and Vegan 



Real Company

A real company with over 12 years in the supplement industry. We are dedicated to being a company our partners can be  proud to represent. 

 Why The Supplement Grid?

Work on your own time
Low start-up investment
Low overhead/Tax breaks
Build a residual income, people re-buy supplements
Innovative commission structure
 True team concept

Real System

Our system is easy to duplicate even for the most
inexperienced. Simply mail the highly responsive
postcards you see here and expose your business without
the stress of hitting on friends, family or strangers. Expand your business nation-wide with one mailing!

What are our Grid Builders saying?

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"Our Grid Builders are the heartbeat of our system. Our infrastructure and product line are on point but without our Grid Builders, none of that matters. I wanted to make sure they were compensated fairly when I calculated our pay plan. I wanted a structure that was a true profit split of all product sales. I wrote it in such a way that when any product moves in a Grid Builder's matrix that it pays that Grid Builder as if THEY sold it, no matter what level the product is sold in. That is true duplication, 100%.  I wanted a system that leveled the playing field and was simple to duplicate. Something that didn't strain their pocket book while they were building their business. Lots of companies drain their partners of money and time, I didn't want that. If someone joins just to quit then no one wins. We are truly at the beginning of something special...something different. It makes me happy to see the potential for our Grid Builders and I work hard for them everyday." 
Jamie Lambert
"The Original Grid Builder"
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